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Texas is one of the best states to do business in. Not only is it easy to get any permits you need with light regulations but it is also has some of the best tax laws in the country! Below is a handy guide to a lot of the ins and outs of filing your Texas LLC.

What do I need?

How long does it take?

You really don’t need too much for us to file your new Texas LLC. We will need some general information like your address, phone number, the name of your new LLC. Things of that nature. Nothing too invasive!

The state of Texas has one of the faster filing times in the country. Typically we can get your Texas LLC filed and a copy in your email box within about a week. If you are in a hurry we can expedite the order and have it for you in about a day! Typical filing times are listed below:

Regular Filing Time: 4-5 Days 
Expedited Filing Time: 1-2 Days 

Of course filing times may vary. Certain times of the year may have shorter or longer wait times depending on how busy the Texas Secretary of State’s office is but it really never varies more than a few days. The busiest times when the wait time is the longest is generally between November and April. During that time period, you may have to wait a few extra days for your LLC to come back filed. However, the rest of the year will experience a shorter wait time

How much does it cost?

Still looking for more info?

The state filing cost in Texas is the second highest in the country. The LLC Filing fees alone are over $315 which includes the online convenience fees. That does sound high but when you consider the fact that you wont have to pay a corporate state taxes you still come out ahead.

If you would like us to file your Texas LLC for you, our pricing breakdown is as follows:

$315.00 – Texas State Filing Fees
$39.00 – Document Preparation Fee
$9.00 – Expedited Priority Shipping
$363.00 – Total Cost to File Your LLC in Texas

If you are still looking for more information about filing your LLC in Texas, you can always give us a call at 877.300.7147. We love answering question and since we have been filing LLCs and corporations since 2007 we are very knowledgeable. 

If you would like to do a little more of your own research about your Texas LLC filing; you can even check out the Texas Secretary of State website by clicking the link below! Have fun!

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Moreover, Texas is a great state to do business in. However it does have the 2nd highest state filing fee in the country but it has lower taxes and less red tape as well. Thus is better than a lot of states out there. 

Furthermore, Texas does not rip you off too badly when it comes to taxation. Additionally it is also easy to communicate with the secretary of state when you need to. Consequently, many people are able to keep up with their filing requirements because when they have a question they can always get ahold of someone at the state’s office. 

Finally, We like filing new LLCs in Texas because we can make our customers happy that they got their business filed and in their hands super fast and as cheap as possible!