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What is the Cheapest LLC Filing method?

The absolute cheapest way to file an LLC no matter what state you are in, or what you do, is to do it yourself! It is possible to do it yourself. However, there are a few things you would need to know first. Below are some handy tips to get you the cheapest LLC filing possible!

Step 1: Do a very thorough Name Search!

There are lots of businesses out there. Lots of sole proprietors, corporations and other LLCs. You need to be careful that you are not trying to file your new LLC with the same name that may already exist in your state. For instance, you want to file your new llc under the name Dan’s Doughnuts LLC. Sounds good right? But, you have to check with your Secretary of state to make sure there is not another “Dan’s Doughnuts LLC” in existence. You cannot stop there. You also have to make sure there is no other close variation like “Dan Doughnuts LLC” or “Dan’s Doughnut LLC.” If it is too close the state might just reject it. Most states even disregard numbers and geographical locations. So, you might be looking to file “Dan’s Doughnuts, LLC” but get rejected because there is a “New York Dan’s Doughnuts, LLC.” The state might drop off the “New York” off the name and call it an exact match….. So, when you go to your Secretary of State’s website to search for name availability make sure you are thorough!

Step 2: Make sure you fill out everything entirely!

This one might seem kinda obvious, but this is the number 2 reason for rejections. Forgetting to input your address for the ninth time on a document is more than enough reason to get a reject on your LLC documents costing you time and aggravation. Avoid this time eating mistake by being overly thorough and rechecking everything.

Step 3: Send your LLC formation documents to the right place!

Not much explanation is needed here right? Well, You would be surprised. Often times there are two addresses. One is a walk-in address and the other is the mailing address. Take care to mail to the mailing address as you send your LLC documents with all your personal information and a signed check.

Step 4: Know who you are paying!

Are you writing your check to the Department of State? The Judge of Probate? The Secretary of State? Find out before you send your LLC documents in to avoid a headache.

Step 5: Ship with tracking info!

We can’t stress this point enough. Nothing is more aggravating than when you send your LLC documents to the state’s office, wait a few weeks, call to check the status and they claim to have never received them. Yes. Happens all the time. If the state loses your documents there is not much you can do. But, if you have tracking info at least maybe you can argue your way into a fast refile.

Good Luck!

Wow! If you have read this far, you probably are the type of person who will successfully file your own LLC! This article was a lot of boring info but we promise is handy stuff! Now go out there and execute the cheapest LLC filing possible!

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