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Cost to Form Nevada LLC

When you decide to form Nevada LLC, you should be aware of the costs that will be involved so that you will be prepared to pay them and not delay the formation of your company. There are several fixed fees that are required by the Secretary of State of Nevada for filing the paperwork necessary to start your new limited liability company. These are one time fees due when you submit the forms to the proper office. The price to file your company’s articles of organization, which is the necessary first step, will be $70. If you have the state perform a name check for you, it will cost $10 and it’ll be $20 to reserve a business name.

When you form Nevada LLC, you will be required to pay the Nevada Franchise Tax Board a minimum tax of $800 per year even if your company doesn’t do any business in the year. The tax is for the privilege of having a limited liability company in the state. For each year that your company is in existence, you’ll need to pay this fee and an additional percentage of your company’s income.

Also, within the first three months of its existence, you’ll need to file a statement of information about your company which will cost $20. This needs to be done every two years. It will include information about how the company is structured and how it is operated. As you can see, the costs to form Nevada LLC aren’t that expensive (with the exception of the franchise tax, that is) so just about anyone who wants to have a limited liability company can. If you factor in what a service company will charge you, which can range from less than $100 up to several thousand dollars, you still have a very affordable option available to you when starting a new business

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