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When do you know it is time to start a business?

Here are 8 signs that may indicate it is time to start a business:

  1. You have a passion or a great business idea that you cannot stop thinking about. Chances are you have been thinking about an idea for a long time. If you are reading this article, its probably true!
  2. You have identified a gap in the market or a problem that needs solving, and you believe you have a solution. Found a way to communicate with puppies? Time to get out there!
  3. You have acquired the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to start a business successfully. 
  4. You are dissatisfied with your current job or career path and are looking for a new challenge. Working the night shift at Arby’s is great and all but sometimes you may get the urge for more!
  5. You have a strong desire for financial independence and the ability to control your own destiny. Nobody will ever pay you, like YOU!
  6. You have conducted market research and identified a viable business opportunity. Found a city with no gas station???
  7. You have secured funding or have a plan for securing funding to start your business. 
  8. You have a supportive network of family, friends, and mentors who believe in your business idea and are willing to help you succeed.

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