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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • 1. Why should I incorporate?

    Incorporating your business is one of the most important steps you will take as a business owner. Here are five reasons why it is important to incorporate.

    • 1. Asset Protection: By incorporating you have the ability to separate yourself from your business’ liability. If your business goes under or is sued, your own personal assets such as your house or you car aren’t subject to repossession. Other entities such as sole proprietorships do not offer that kind of protection. If you are doing business as a sole proprietorship, and your business goes under or you are sued, every one of your family’s personal assets would be subject to repossession to pay any lawsuit or remaining business debt.
    • 2. Tax Deductions: By incorporating you can also take advantage of numerous tax deductions that other legal entities cannot exploit; such as fringe benefits. Everybody needs health insurance, life insurance and a retirement plan. By incorporating, you are able to provide such plans for your employees. This is a tax deduction for you and your employees don’t have to pay tax on their fringe benefits. You also have the added bonus of deciding to pay tax on the corporate level then on your personal level, (also known as double taxation) or letting the profits and/or losses of your business flow through to be taxed as your own personal income with an S corporation.
    • 3. Privacy: Many business owners want to maintain their privacy for many reasons. However one of the main reasons a business owner may want to maintain his/her privacy is to avoid being the victim of a lawsuit. Often times people will try to obtain a company’s net worth prior to filing a lawsuit. By incorporating you have the ability to shield your personal information from the public’s eye. Certain states have excellent privacy laws keeping their owner’s identities off public record.
    • 4. Raising Capital: Every business needs money. Since a corporation is a separate legal entity it has its own credit profile separate from your own. This means once business credit is established it can obtain loans for equipment, cars, property, or anything the business needs. Corporate credit also builds much faster than personal credit making it easier to secure. A corporation also has the ability to raise money by selling stocks, bonds, and other securities.
    • 5. Credibility: Corporations often enjoy doing business with greater ease then a sole proprietorship. Many banks and suppliers prefer a corporate account over a personal account and are more eager to do business with you.

  • 2. What is a corporation?

    A corporation (also known as a C corporation) is a separate legal entity created by its owners with the ability to separate personal assets from business liability. A corporation has many of the same rights and abilities that people do. For example, a corporation can buy and sell goods, buy and lease cars / property and apply for loans. A corporation can also own other corporations and can even file for bankruptcy. For years smart business owners have been incorporating to protect themselves and their families from business debts and / or lawsuits.

  • 3. What is an S corporation?

    An S corporation has all the great liability benefits of a C corporation, yet it has a few differences when it comes to taxation. When a business is operated using a C corporation, the owners often run into a problem with “double taxation”. This occurs when the owner pays his/her own personal income taxes along with his corporation’s income taxes. An S corporation eliminates this problem. It allows the business profits and/or losses to “flow through” to the owner’s personal income tax forms. The S corporation does not pay any income tax, therefore leaving the owners to only have to pay their own personal income taxes.

  • 4. What is an LLC?

    An LLC (Limited Liability Company) provides the personal asset protection of a corporation without all the corporate formalities. An LLC is much easier to create than a corporation and is also much easier to operate and maintain. The fact that there are very few formalities and far less paperwork, makes an LLC one of the top choices for the small business owner.

  • 5. What is a Tax ID or EIN?

    A Tax Identification Number, otherwise known as a “Federal Employer Identification Number” (EIN), is a number the IRS assigns to your business. This number is very important! Think of a Tax ID as your business’ social security number. It is required to open a bank account, hire employees and obtain corporate credit. Acquiring a Tax ID number can be complicated and time consuming. can obtain your Tax ID / EIN number for only $40.00.

  • 6. Why should I get a Federal EIN?

    It is very important that your business has an EIN (Federal Employer Identification Number). This number is required (in most cases) to open a corporate bank account, obtain corporate credit, or to hire and pay employees. Think of an EIN as your corporation’s social security number. An EIN is required to truly maximize the tremendous potential of your new corporation or LLC! Acquiring an EIN can be complicated and time consuming. can obtain your EIN for only $40.00!

  • 7. Do I need a lawyer to incorporate?

    NO! While many people do consult legal council in the preparation of their corporation or other legal entity, it is not necessary. Lawyers and CPAs can be very costly! Why not save money by letting  documentation specialists prepare your legal documents?

    Save time and money by calling us toll free at (877) 300-7147 or order online and incorporate your business today!

  • 8. What is expedited filing?

    Need your corporation or LLC formed fast? We now have expedited filing available for a fee lower than most other filing services. With expedited filing you can now have your corporation or LLC ready in as little as 1 hour depending upon your home state!

  • 9. How do I name my corporation?

    Naming your corporation or LLC is easy. Choose any name you want (excluding the words, “bank” and “trust”) and end it with: “Inc.”, “Incorporated”, “Corp.”, or “Corporation”. Choose two alternates in case your first corporate name is not available in your state. will do a name search on your chosen names starting with the first name and then moving on to the second and third in descending order. We will prepare your documents using the first name we find to be available.

  • 10. After I incorporate can I change the nature of my business?

    Yes. You can always change the nature of your business after incorporating or forming an LLC. Both corporations and LLCs may perform many different functions and/or own multiple business’s of different natures.

  • 11. Can I use my P.O. Box as my physical address?

    No, you cannot. You must use a physical address which can be a business address or residence. Some states such as Texas are really good at detecting PO boxes and mailing addresses. They will just reject the documents wasting your time....

  • 12. What is a registered agent?

    A registered agent is the person who receives all mail and legal notices on behalf of the corporation. Many business owners wish to be their corporation’s registered agent simply because they would like to receive their own mail and not pay a middle man. 

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