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The Foundation

This company was founded in 2009. The founders Jeremy and Bianca Ornelas felt that the country was paying way too much for basic LLC and corporation filings. For them, this stuff was so easy to do. they were not lawyers but they had to ability to file business documents with the specific direction of their clients. 

So the painstaking process began.

They called all 50 states and got the template and fees for filing any corporate entity in the country. Once that information was compiled construction on the website was underway. By 2010 with the website finally done they were open for business.

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Commercial accounts

 It started out very slow but by 2012 it started gaining some traction in the B2B market. AAAFiling gained most of its traction in the business credit-building industry and more in the tax preparation and CPA industry. Finding no success in the pay-per-click or social media marketing has resolved to continue as a small business working on its individual client relationships and referrals.

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 “Some of our competitors are HUGE! They spend little time on a client’s business and customer satisfaction is very low. But, they have Superbowl ads, so people still use them. We are not going to be like them. We are going to have fewer clients but years from now our clients will remember us as a key part of their success. And we wish them well”  – Jeremy Schwarz – Founder

All of Our $39 LLC and Corporation Packages Include:

Your business is very important to us!

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