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You were way faster than Legalzoom! Thanks!
Gary S.CEO of Better Than a Sommelier Inc
“Wow, I’m impressed! Everyone else told us 21 days. If I have anything else I’ll come to you. Thanks!”.
Tim CarterCEO Carter Freight LLC
“I simply loved your service and will definitely recommend to friends and family those who need. I’ll also be in touch with you for subsequent company formation for which I was talking to you.”
Arpan ShahCEO of ITGUYS, LLC
Everything has been posted on FL Sunbiz.org website correctly, once again Thank you for all your hard work getting this done for me in a very timely manner.
CJ BaptisteCEO of Allez, LLC
“You guys ROCK!!
Robert GonzalesCEO of Ragz to Richez Inc
Thank you! everything is perfect!
Robert Ojeda K&C Pharmacy Group Inc
“Thank you so much for your help. This is something I was dreading and you guys made it really easy. I’ll be back for another one in a few months.”
Steve QuanA to Z Vitamins

$39 LLC Formation Online – Fast, Simple Cheap LLC Filing

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Cheap LLC Filing

If you have scrolled down this far down our home page, you are most likely someone who does their research. Good job! Cheap LLC formation doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality to get a good price. The important thing is you want to get your LLC filed without too much headache.

There are really 2 schools of thought when trying to get your LLC filed. You could either pay a company or attorney to do it for you which typically costs a lot of money and let’s face it most business owners already have enough to pay for as it is. The upside is you will most likely get the results you are looking for which means your LLC or your corporation will be filed correct the first time around.

At AAAFiling.com, we triple check that every step of your LLC order is done properly before sending it to the state for processing to ensure order accuracy. We also send text notifications, so you always know exactly what is going on with your LLC formation. We have an A rating with the better business bureau and 4.4 stars at Trustpilot. We strive to be the best LLC filing company in the USA! Again, cheap LLC filing does not always to refer to quality! Now, if you are looking to save even more money – super cheap LLC filing check out your next option.

The second option to get cheap LLC filing is to do it yourself! This is very possible! All you need to do is contact your secretary of state and ask which forms you will need. Many states now actually no longer require you to draft your own articles. Most have a simple form you can fill out and submit along with the state filing fees. Once you submit the LLC forms and proper payment typically the state will put your LLC on file at which point your LLC is active. Now, that’s some really cheap LLC filing! All you had to spend is whatever your state charges in fees! However, there is a downside.

Since you are now a professional you may run into some issues. If you perhaps used an LLC name that might already be in use or used an address for the LLC that the state does not like could cause the LLC articles to be rejected. The state may reject LLC articles of formation for all sorts of different reasons. The most common is an LLC name conflict.

Since there can only be one LLC with a particular name in each state you cannot have a duplicate LLC name. So, the state carefully checks each LLC submission to make sure you are not trying to get an LLC with a name matching another LLC already on record with your state. In most cases the Secretary of state will even reject an LLC even if the name is close to another LLC! So, before you file an LLC make sure the LLC name is available and there is no other LLC name even similar.

Another reason your LLC may be rejected is your address. This one is pretty basic. All you need to do is not use an PO box or mailing address as the LLC address. Pretty easy. If you do not have an office don’t worry. Most of our customers don’t either! Most people just use their home address and that’s perfectly okay.

LLC online formation

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